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Eptura Knowledge Center

Data Connectors

Flat-File Connectors

Flat-File Connectors are the preferred mechanism for loading enterprise reference data from your ERP/HR systems into the Serraview system.

The process is as follows:

  1. Serraview provides you with the standard flat-file data formats that we support.
  2. You write a script to:
    1. Extract the data from your ERP system and transform it into the required format.
    2. Post the file to the Serraview SFTP site.
    3. You schedule the script to run on a nightly, weekly or monthly basis as appropriate.
  3. Serraview's Professional Services group will schedule an ETL (extract, transform, load) script to continually look for new files posted to the Serraview SFTP site and import them into the system. This ETL script will automatically insert/update/delete records in Serraview system, treating your data file as the source-of-truth.

Outbound Data

The data in the Serraview system can be exported via flat-files or by using the REST API.

Flat-File Exports

Data exports automation is supported via an SFTP file share. Serraview can automate the extracts of appropriate data from your Serraview system and save the data in a compatible format. The file(s) can be uploaded securely to a nominated Client SFTP site or, alternatively, to the Serraview SFTP for the file(s) pull to be automated by your IT team.


Serraview system has an APIs available for Serraview Space Planning and Serraview Space Optimization Modules. You can leverage these APIs to extract data on an as-needed basis.

Microsoft Exchange Connector

The Microsoft Exchange Connector allows Serraview Room Booking to synchronize calendar data between Serraview system and Microsoft Exchange. This is a service-to-service API connection.

Google Calendar™ Connector

The Google Calendar Connector allows Serraview Room Booking to synchronize calendar data between the Serraview system and Google Calendar. This is a service-to-service API connection.

Sensor Connectors

Serraview's Space Optimization Module has a Utilization API that can consume sensor data in near real-time from an approved set of sensor vendors. This is a server-to-server connection.

ServiceNow Connector

Serraview's Space Planning and Serraview's Space Optimization Modules both support a ServiceNow connector that can ingest requests made for Moves-Adds-Changes in ServiceNow into the Serraview Platform and update the ServiceNow ticket with updates as the ticket is actioned within Serraview. This is a server-to-server connection.