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Using Engage Mobile


Engage Mobile app is available on iOS and Android. It provides users with your corporate directory and indoor maps – allowing them to rapidly find colleagues, and locate desks, rooms, and other key resources within your workplace.

Remember your employees will have a similar experience when using the Mobile app, Tablet app, or Web app.

Engage Mobile contains the following features:

  • Workplace Selection - allows the user to choose their client's workplace
  • SSO Authentication - users will be redirected to your SSO provider (Azure AD, Okta, etc) for authentication
  • Concierge menu - quick access menu
  • Building and floor Navigation - quickly switch between floors
  • Interactive floorplans - zoom, pan, and tap on desks on a floorplan.
  • Available desk listing - easily see which desks are available
  • Future bookings - view desk availability and book desks now or in the future
  • Daily desk reservations - the ability to book a desk for a selected day
  • Desk reservation assist - easily find a single desk that is available on a desired day
  • View my upcoming reservations - View the reservations I have made
  • Cancel reservation - Delete reservations you no longer want
  • ... and so much more!

Access Engage Mobile

For your employees to access the mobile (or tablet) app, see Download, Sign In, and Engage.


Engage Mobile uses the same configuration as Engage Web and as new features are introduced both Web and Mobile will use the same settings. A comparison of the configuration for Engage Web and Engage Mobile is found in Engage Configuration.

Concierge Menu

Engage's Concierge Menu is a quick access menu to many useful areas, such as:

  • Maps (Find & Book or New Reservation)
  • My Booking
  • QR Scanner
  • First Responders
  • Leave Requests
  • Returning to the Office

The Concierge Menu is a continuous scroll menu in both directions up and down.


Search the Corporate Directory

Your employees will be able to search for people in your business' corporate directory.

Find a Person

Your employees will be able to search for people as they need to find a person to sit next to them as they are collaborating on a project OR they need to find a person in another location they as they will be visiting another office.


Flexible Person 

When you search for a person who is flexible working then their location displays and the floorplan highlights the flexible team or if the person is in a neighborhood then this is highlighted on the floorplan.

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Remote Person

When you search for a person and they are remotely working then the floorplan is grayed-out and the person card displays Remotely Working.


First Responders

When an incident occurs in the office and your employees can search for your First Responders, such as a First Aid Officer or the Fire Warden. Also, the Person of Interest filters can be configure to include others tags. For example your business may have Chief Fire Warden, Deputy Fire Warden, and Fire Warden or you may have First Aid Officer and a Nurse.

Learn how to set up the filters, refer to Set up the Person of Interest Filters

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Search by Assets to find a Desk


Use the Desk Reservations Assist to find a Desk

Your employees will be able to filter for desks, such as, if they want a desk that has dual monitor and is a sit stand desk. 

The Desk Reservations Assist displays filter options, under the headings:

  • Type - this displays the space types that are set to interactable.
  • Equipment - this displays the space's attributes.

Learn how to set up the filters, refer to Configure Assets for Desks and Spaces.


Desk Availability and Reservations

If the employee has permission to reserve the desk and another person has not already reserved it at the selected time, then desks are shown as available.

There are two ways for employees to identify which desks are available for them to reserve:

  • Desk Listing
  • Highlighted Desks

Desk Listing

The desk listing displays all of the available desks (green circle) on a floor, followed by unavailable ones (amber circles).


Highlighted Desks

Desks that are available for the user to reserve are highlighted on the floorplan.



Customize the Floorplan Color for Available Desks

You can change the color of the available desks on the floorplan.


Reserve a Desk

Reserve a Desk for yourself

You can easily make all-day reservations.


Reserve a Desk on behalf of another

If part of the job is to reserve desks on behalf of another then your System Administrator can give you permission to complete this. For details on the secured actions to set up, refer to Set up a Person to book on behalf of another.


Desk Availability for a Specific Date

With Engage, it is simple for a user to see future desk availability on both the listing and floorplan.

Find a Desk that is available on Specific Days

Sometimes a user wants to use the same desk on the few days they are coming into the office. They can easily accomplish this by using the Desk Reservation Assist.

For example:


Search by Assets to find a Space

Use the Space Reservations Assist to find a Desk

Your employees will be able to filter for desks, such as, if they want a desk that has dual monitor and is a sit stand desk. Also, employees will be able to filter for spaces, such as, if they want a meeting room that has a conference phone.

The Space Reservations Assist displays filter options, under the headings:

  • Type - this displays the space types that are set to interactable.
  • Equipment - this displays the space's attributes.

Learn how to set up the filters, refer to Configure Assets for Desks and Spaces.


Space Reservations

Reserve a Space

Use Engage to quickly reserve a space such as a meeting room. 

Engage can integrate bi-directionally with your organization's Corporate Calendar (as long as it's Exchange/Outlook, Office365, or Google Calendar). 

With this integration turned on:

  1. Your administrator can connect specific spaces (typically meeting rooms, conference rooms, huddle rooms, etc) in Engage to the matching resources in your Corporate Calendar
  2. Engage users can then see which rooms are free/busy based on their status in your Corporate Calendar
  3. When Engage users book these spaces in Engage, that booking is automatically synced back to your Corporate Calendar so that everyone can see that its book in Outlook or GCal. 

For more details, refer to Engage Calendar Integration and if you have questions, then see Engage Calendar Integration FAQ.

If you don't want to use a Calendar Integration, Engage can be still used to make space reservations, refer to Set up Space Reservations without Calendar Integration.

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View Upcoming Bookings and Check-in Notifications

View my Upcoming Bookings

You can view your upcoming bookings for the current month.

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Cancel your Desk Booking

If something comes up and you need to cancel ... well you can do that too.

A desk booking can be canceled (deleted) when:

  • desk booking has not yet commenced.
  • desk booking which has commenced. This will bring the booking end time forward and end the booking. Note that the employee will still display in any occupancy reports for this desk.

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Your System Administrator can cancel a desk reservations. This can be useful when:

  • an employee is absent or on leave.
  • the reservation status of a desk has changed and is no longer reservable.
  • the desk requires maintenance.

See, Cancel a desk reservations as an Admin.


View my Check-in Notifications and Check-in to your Desk

Quickly navigate to your check-in notifications from the Notification icon in the top right-hand corner.


Then you can check-in to your desk from Engage Web.

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Check out of your Desk

When you have finished using a desk, you can check-out of the desk so that it becomes available for others to use.

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User Settings and Logout

From the Settings screen you will be able to: