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#5 - Set up Desk Reservations

If you want your employees to be able to book a desk from Engage, then this can be configured.

Step 1. Set up the Space Types for Engage

First, you need to set up the space type for Engage. You will need to configure whether the spaces are Hidden, Visible, or Interactable on the floorplan and this is based on their Space Type.


The following options can be applied to each Space Type:

  1. Hide the space type all together - these spaces appear as "negative space" and indicate to the user that they should be able to walk through that space. All circulation space types (corridors, ground floor atriums, elevator lobbies, etc) should be hidden. 
  2. Show (visible) the space type but do not let the user interact with the space - you normally want to make all non-occupiable spaces visible. They are shown in light-grey and indicate that there's a space there, but there's nothing interesting for the user to interact with
  3. Make the space interactive - all desks and meeting spaces that you want users to interact with via Engage should be interactive. You might want to make some spaces like kitchens or storage spaces interactive if they are important for your users to find out more about.  

For more information, see to Set up the Space Types for Engage.

Step 2. Set up the Desk Reservations for Engage

Now, you have your employees in their teams and some will be assigned to desks or maybe neighborhoods; you can set up which desks are reservable and by whom. 

The Engage Booking Access view in the Spaces module will allow you to visualize the booking access applied to spaces. This will give you a quick and visible way to allocate the booking access required for your business.


The settings can be updated in bulk in the Space module for Regions, Buildings, Floors, Teams, Neighborhoods, an Employee's assigned desk, etc.

For more details, see Set up Desk Reservation Permissions and ...

Step 3. Desk Reservations & Check-in Times

If your business wants employees to make desk reservations as:

If you want your employees to check-in to their desks, then in the Engage Configuration, your System Administrator can update the desk check-in window settings. Also, if you have different desk reservation requirements for your buildings, your System Administrator can set this up. 

Auto-Cancellation of Desk Reservations

When auto-cancel is enabled, it will cancel the desk booking if an employee does not check into the desk by the required time. Their desk booking is cancelled and freed up for someone else to use. For details, see Set up Auto-Cancellation of Desk Reservations. If you have different Auto-Cancellation of Desk Reservation requirements for your buildings, your System Administrator can set this up.

Additional Configuration for Desk Reservations

Below lists the additional configuration.

Limit Concurrent Bookings

Limit Future Desk Bookings

  • Your System Administrator will be able to limit in weeks, how far into the future an employee can make a desk reservation.  For more details, see Limit Future Desk Bookings.

Available Desk Visibility

  • When your business has employees with assigned desks, these will not be able to be reserved. Now, employees can visually differentiate reserved desks from assigned ones on the floorplan. Your System Administrator can update Serraview's Configuration setting. Also, if you want, you can change the color of the available desks.  For more details, see Set up the visibility of reserved desks on the floorplan.

Desk Reservation on Behalf of Another Person

Desk Reservation or Check-in via QR Code

Desk Reservation Confirmation Emails

  • If your business wants to send out Confirmation Emails when an employee books a desk. Note that the confirmation email is sent to the person whom the booking is for. For more details, see Set up Engage to send out Confirmation Emails.

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