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Security in the Block and Stack

Access to the VBS module is managed using secured actions and roles. The majority of users will have access to the VBS to be able to view and/or edit, however if you have a user that requires VBS read-only, then you can set up this type of access.
Secured Action Description
VBS - Access Access to the VBS Module.
VBS - Edit BAU

If the user does not have this secured action then they will only have View Only (read-only access). 

The user with the VBS read-only secured role, will be able to view the VBS and the View Only button displays.


Edit Attributes If the user does not have this secured action then they can't update the main Attribute Keywords List, for more details see Add or Remove the Space's Attributes.


If you do not have access to the Scenario Planner then you will not see the + Scenario Plan  button in the Block and Stack (VBS). 
Contact your System Administrator as they can modify the secured roles to give you access, learn more in Manage User Roles.