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Download the whole Insights Dashboard

Before you download a dashboard, remember to check the filters as when any filter(s) are applied then these will affect the dashboard and the dashboard will be downloaded with the filters applied.

If you want to download the whole dashboard then click the More Actions image2022-2-3_13-36-46.png icon and then select Download.


When the Download dialog displays, you can select from the Format drop-down, either CSV or PDF.

If you select PDF the dialog expands to display more options such as paper size, expand tables to show all rows, and arrange dashboard title in a single column.


Click the Download button and the whole dashboard is downloaded.

PDF Formatting and Wide Tables

Remember some of the tables can contain many columns and when you down these dashboards to a PDF you will notice it will not contain all the columns. For example, the Booking Compliance Dashboard's table is missing the Floor (SVLive) column.


We recommend that you download the table as a CSV file and then using a spreadsheet application complete the desired formatting.