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About Serraview

Management of the workplace never ends ... it’s an ongoing, continuous cycle. Serraview will assist you to manage the various workplace challenges along the way.

Watch the Introduction to Serraview Video

Introduction 00:00

Workplace Management 00:30

Reporting 0:40

Spaces 0:55

Block and Stack (VBS) 1:35

Workplace Portal 2:36

Scenario Planner 3:00

Storage, Lockers, and Parking 3:40

Service Request 4:20

Bodies on Seats (BOS) 4:50

Workplace Monitoring 5:17

Sensors 5:35

Badge Data 5:39

SVLive 6:00

Employee Experience 7:18

Serraview Engage 7:25

Audio: Sound Length: 8 mins  Direct link:

Corporate Real Estate Team

Your Corporate Real Estate Team will be unique and reflect your business. The team will need to understand how does Serraview fit in with their role. Explore the roles to understand how they will love Serraview:

The above roles will be the end users of Serraview and a few team members will be Serraview’s System Administrators. The System Administrators will be your super users who will have the ability to configure the system, manage the security roles assigned to end users, and provide assistance in how your business uses Serraview in their daily activities.

Also, explore how we can train your Corporate Real Estate Team to be successfully using Serrview in your business ... see Serraview Training!

Explore the Workplace Management Lifecycle

Now you are ready to explore the Workplace Management Lifecycle to find out where the Serraview modules make it simple, quick, and fun to manage and use your work across its entire lifecycle.



Start with MEASURE to find out where are you now

This is where Serraview uses floorplans and connections to utilization technologies such as wired, WiFi, or sensors to gather data about your portfolio. Our philosophy is that you need to know where you are today, in order to get to where you want to be in the future. And that begins with measure.


Now you can PLAN for tomorrow and envision the future possibilities

You do that by analyzing your portfolio through detailed reports that can be generated and downloaded. The Visual Block and Stack is a unique module found only in Serraview that will let you see simultaneously how floorplans are blocked, while also seeing how the overall building is stacked.

If you see something you want to improve, our Scenario Planning tools helps you study and plan for any changes before you actually implement those changes into the live data.


Be confident in the ACTION you take

When you found the best fit for your business, Serraview will assist you to take ACTION to implement the necessary changes.

This can work in tandem with service requests that are coming in from the workforce. When the physical move of people and things need to be moved around, we can help you do that through our Relocations capabilities.


Give to your workplace the power to ENABLE themselves

As your customers…the people, who actually use your workplace…need help to find people or a meeting place…or as they need to find new spaces after a move, add or change…Serraview ENABLES your workforce through a variety of simple, user-friendly, mobile apps.

We assist employees to easily book conference rooms. We enable them to find co-workers and available desks, if they’re working temporarily in a new spot or if they’re working for a team that uses flexible seating.

Onboarding and Maintenance of Serrarivew

When your organization implements Serraview, learn what the process is in the checklist, see Onboarding with Serraview. After implementation you will need to maintain your data and Maintaining Serraview gives you an overview of the data and how it can be maintained either manually, in bulk using Serraivew, or in bulk using an import. 

When you are up and running we will support you as Serraview has a product support panel that will let you quickly access the Knowledge Center, Suggest a Feature, and to contact Support, see Product Support. Also, you can about our release management cycle and when the product upgrades and maintenance windows occur, see Serraview Release Management.

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