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Regular Reporting and Importing Data

Serraview has many standard reports and the following can be used for regular reporting on current and historical data. Also, reports can be scheduled and they can be used to update your data, see automated report imports.

Historical Reports

If you want historical reports then use Snapshots, then you can set up regular snapshots, for example take snapshots on the 1st and 15th of the month. 

Automated Regularly Reports

Your regularly reports can be generated weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to monitor your Portfolio in Serraview. Also, these reports can be automated so that they are emailed to a specified people. Examples of common automated reports include:

  • auto-blocking and clean-up of zero stack teams.
  • monthly archive candidate report
  • monthly utilization report
  • bi-weekly asset report 

For more information, refer to Automated Reports.

Automated Report Imports (ARI)

After you have the automated report set up, you can import the automated reports to automatically and seamlessly manage your portfolio data. Examples of automate business rules include:

  • delete empty teams
  • match team workpoint allocation to blocking
  • match workpoint blocking to occupant's cost center

For more information, refer to Automated Report Imports.

Import Notifications

Set up data import notifications so that you can monitor any exceptions.