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MacOS SPS Installation

The SVLive Presence Service (SPS) is installed via a PKG on Mac OS X. An instance of the application is started automatically when a user logs in and closes when the user logs out. If multiple users are logged into the Mac, each user will have a separate instance of SVLive Presence Service running.

Delivered files

The following files are provided for Mac OS X installation:

  • SerraviewLive-MacOS-x86_64-v.v.v.pkg (where v.v.v is the version)


To install the SVLive Presence Service you will need to know:

  • The host and port portion of the configuration url, including the protocol and path. This value will be provided by Serraview. This value is referred to as [config-api-url].

Install or upgrade SVLive Presence Service with install script

This approach is designed to be rolled out via computer management software that can run a script on all Mac computers. The same script will work for both fresh installations of the SVLive Presence Service and upgrading existing versions of the SVLive Presence Service.

The following command will be executed:

sudo bash ./ PKGFILE=[pkg-filename] CONFIGAPIADDRESS=[config-api-url]


  • [pkg-filename] – the full name of the pkg file
  • [config-api-url] is the host and port portion of the URL, including the protocol and path. This value will be provided by Serraview.

This script will install, configure, and launch SVLive Presence Service.

Validate the Mac OS X Installation

Complete the following:

  1. Reboot the device.
  2. Log in
  3. Check the application is running in the Activity Monitor for MacOS.

If the application is not running, check the Event Logs from the Operating System to see if there are any errors thrown.

Activity Monitor for MacOS Example

Check that sps is running in the Activity Monitor.


After the installation is finished make sure you complete the Post Install Validation checks. see SVLive2 Post Install Validation Checks.