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Create or Edit your BOS Move Plan

From the BOS Move Plan Overview screen, you can either create a BOS Move Plan or edit an existing plan.

Create a BOS Move Plan

After you have completed the prerequisites for the BOS module, you can create a BOS Move Plan.


From the BOS Move Plan Overview screen, complete the following:

  1. Click the Move Plan button. the Create BOS Move Plan dialog displays.


2. In the Name field, enter the name of the BOS Move Plan.

3. For the Security options select either Public or Private.

4. In the Description field, enter the short description.

5. Click the Create move plan button.

The BOS Move Details screen displays.

Edit an Existing BOS Move Plan

You can filter and/or search to find your existing BOS Move Plan.


Use the Show Filters

  • Click the All button to display all the plans.
  • Click the Mine button to display the plans you are an owner or co-owner of.

Use the Search

  • In the Search field, enter your search criteria.

To edit an existing move plan, click the move plan row. The BOS Move Details screen displays. From this screen you can either: