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Switch Import

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Switch Import


  • Client IT team to provide the list of active switches.
  • 350 Switch Import - this can be used to extract switch data for the Switch Import. You will be able to import new switches, modify or archive existing switches.

Set up the Switch Import

  1. Create a switch import for all required active switches and include new switches. 
  2. Navigate to Admin Settings > Data Imports > Data Imports.
  3. Click Switch Import.
  4. Click the Show expected schema link.


The switch import needs to include the following:

Column Name Description Value Required Unique in this file?
IP Address Group must have a Switch Name or IP Address. Yes Yes
Switch Name Group must have a Switch Name or IP Address. Yes Yes
Building Building's name. No No
Building Number Building number. No No
Floor Floor's name. No No
Floor Number Floor number. No No
Additional Floors Additional floor numbers. No No
Archive If a switch needs to be archived then update this column to TRUE. No No

For example:


If you do not have access to the Switch Import then send the Switch Import file to the Serraview Support Team, use the File Upload's category Other and include a comment.

5. Complete a trial run of the import, refer to Trial Run Imports.


Do NOT use the Archive Untouched Switches check box and this must be UNCHECKED. If this is checked then any switch in the system that is NOT on the list will be archived.

6. Review outcome to make sure ONLY the switches to be deleted have been accounted for. e.g. removing 4 switches are identified as Archived Switches = 4 found.

7. When you are ready to import, uncheck the Trial Run checkbox.

8 Click the RUN! button to import the file.

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