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Onboarding with Serraview

Onboarding, Implementation, and Integration

As we move to smarter workplaces, we often see a shift in who is involved with Serraview. When you start looking at wayfinding, enablement solutions ICT or IT Departments tend to be tasked with finding a technology to assist staff with their day-to-day activities. This is where Serraview continues to provide value throughout the entire lifecycle of workspace management.

The Serraview Implementation team will work with your ICT team and CRE team to set up Serraview.


Before you commence onboarding we recommend you are familiar with the Onboarding Prerequisite Decisions.

Then the Engage and Serraview Onboarding Checklist contains a comprehensive overview of the activities:

Maintain you Portfolio

You need to ensure the accuracy of your Portfolio's Statistics and Reporting therefore you need to understand the recommended practice to maintain your portfolio data, refer to Maintain Portfolio Data.