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Workplace Planning


Organizations are taking different approaches to managing the move back to the office based on their size, industry, region, and specific circumstances. Having done our Situational Analysis, the Corporate Real Estate team who investigate whether a Shift or Phased approach is most suitable.

Let’s take a look at how you may implement these methods using Serraview. 

Who needs to move back?

The decision as to who is moving back into your space may be the sole responsibility of the Corporate Real Estate team, in which case they can simply nominate teams or individuals to move back into the office space in Shifts or Phases, accounting for the team's working style and the available space. If the Corporate Real Estate team does not feel they have the correct information to nominate employees for shifts or phases, they can reach out to the Management team to provide information about their team members, or even provide a micro-survey for the employees themselves to provide feedback about how and when they may return to the office. 

How can I retain my current portfolio state prior to beginning my back to work planning?

To retain a copy of your current portfolio, you have two options, Snapshots or a backup of your portfolio.

Is a Shift or Phased approach suitable for my business?

You will need to decide if you will use the Shift Approach or Phased Approach.

First, consider the benefits 

The benefits of the Shift Approach are:

  • Simple to leverage existing allocations and seating arrangements to split teams into shifts.
  • Leaving existing allocation and occupancy as is, will allow you to return to your pre-back to work state quickly.
  • Quicker to plan and implement.
  • No relocations which means no additional costs.

The benefits of the Phased Approach are:

  • More controlled move back based on business criticality priority based on team level only if data available.
  • Using limited floors in a building means less demand on cleaning and utility costs.


  • What are the regional and local guidelines around social distancing? 
  • What is the effort required when using a Shift or Phased approach to return to our pre-back to work state?
  • When are people required to move back and how much space you have available?
  • What is the working style of the teams? 
  • Do I have accurate occupancy data, or does this need to be updated?
  • Do I currently have information on teams/people who will move to working from home permanently, shifts or phases captured within Serraview that can be applied now? 
  • Do I need to reach out to Managers to collect more information about their employees working from home permanently, shifts or phases using a BOS Move Plan?
  • Do I need to reach out to the employees directly about WFH and coming back into the office via a Micro-survey?