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Version 2.50 - May 2017 Release Notes


Release 2.50 includes minor changes and fixes for the core product, Space & Relocations, and Dashboards & Reporting.

General Changes

All date pickers in the system now have a 'Clear' button under the days, taking away the need to Ctrl + Click to remove a selected date.

Minor Changes and Fixes


Enhancement - BOS Arriving Floorplan Report (#157) no longer requires a person to have a current location and shows the person's future location.

Enhancement - The Actions > Add Person menu no longer shows Serraview Live locations.

Enhancement - When specifying a Future Floor in BOS, the destination picker now shows 'Enter a floor...'

Buildings & Floors

Enhancement - On the Space & Costs tab of the Floor form, the label 'Bill Unoccupied Space To' has been changed to 'Bill Unallocated Space'.

Configuration (Mapping)

Enhancement - The 'Include in Capacity Statistics' field is now hidden on the Space Type form.

Data Imports

Enhancement - Emails can now be imported for a meeting room. The emails are used as keys for room booking.

Enhancement - Floor import now supports negative values on the 'Sequence' field.

Enhancement - Database now enforces the unique EmployeeNo constraint properly.

Fix - The Switch Import is now used to import switches rather than the Asset import.

Document Library

Enhancement - The Document Library search bar is no longer case sensitive.

File Upload

Enhancement - Files selected to upload can be removed from the file upload by clicking the Cancel button before the upload begins.

Floorplan Importer

Enhancement - When matching existing spaces, space names are no longer case sensitive.
Fix - The absence of default layers no longer causes errors.

Fix - Importing an existing workpoint with empty area shapes no longer cause issues.


Enhancement - On the Space form, the 'Area' field now rounds instead of truncates, and shows additional decimal places depending on the size of the number.

Report Builder

Enhancement - A timetable can now be defined in Report Builder. This allows a date or time range (e.g. May 1 - May 31) to be defined and the level of time visible within that range (e.g. see a row for every day in the range or see a row for every hour in the date range). This streamline viewing daily or hourly reports over a date span.

Reporting Dashboards

Enhancement - Flexi desks on a Dashboards floorplan report can now be shown as triangles instead of dots.

Enhancement - The legend of a floorplan can now be hidden when building a report. A Report Designer can now choose to build a table to describe the contents of a report, instead of using the built-in legend feature.

Enhancement - The button to download a PDF export of a report has been renamed from 'Print' to 'Download'.

Scenario Planner

Fix - Capacity statistics update in Scenario Planner after using the "Change Team Target Ratio" tool.

Fix - The title of a Scenario Project is now positioned behind the open the Service Requests form.

Fix - The title of the Scenario Project is now truncated (with ellipses) and is not displayed outside of the title box.

Fix - The "Move Projects" label is now called "Clear Scenario Project Cache".

Fix - When a new Service Request is saved the Service Request Name is updated with the latest Service Request Number.

Fix - When a BOS Move Project and a Scenario Project are both open, the VBS in Live Data maintains correct text formatting.

Fix - The wording of the confirmation message that displays when deleting one or more move projects has been updated.

Serraview Workplace

Enhancement - The Feedback form can be disabled or enabled in Serraview Workplace by updating the "Enable Feedback Form" check box on the Configuration > Setup > Workplace form.

Enhancement - A 'View Only' mode is now supported where users can access all floors without the ability to edit or validate teams. To enable this for a user they will need the following secured actions:

  • Workplace - View All Floors
  • Workplace - Allow Login
  • Workplace - Manage Spaces

Fix - The "Workplace - My Service Requests" field only displays in Workplace when "Service Requests" is enabled.

Fix - In Workplace, the loading screen animation has been realigned and improved.

Fix - The "Send Invitations" link is available in the Access Profiles and Manage Administrators tab regardless of whether Workplace (or My Workplace) is enabled or disabled.

Service Requests

Enhancement - The "Service Number Label" field located on the SR Overview form is named "Authority Num" by default. The field name can now be changed under Configuration > Setup > Service Requests at the "Service Number Label" field.

Storage, Lockers & Car Parks

Enhancement - The Assets pop-up that appeared in the Storage, Lockers and Parking grids has been removed.


Fix - The Show Mapping Errors tool (VBS) now toggles correctly without having to refresh.

Fix - Building names no longer contain trailing whitespaces.

Fix - VBS now remembers the last Color By option and the last Sort Stack By option.

Fix - The 'X' icon is retained in the VBS search field to enable the user to clear the search and remove the 'No items found' message.

Fix - A Hood can now be selected from the list of Hoods on the Floor. Selecting a Hood moves the team into that Hood.

Fix - Hood/Team warning messages now handle plurals correctly.

Smart Environments

Smart Environment (SVLive, Locator, Locator Mobile (web) and associated technology) releases are generally not aligned with the monthly releases, however for May 2017 they are being rolled out together. Due to the large number of changes this month, we have separated the Smart Environments notes out into their own page. 

Notable Changes and New Features

MLS (v1.13.0) - Support for SNMP v3

Support for SNMP v3 has been added, allowing for greater security controls. The implementation of SNMP v3 will support the following privacy protocols:

  • AES-128

And the following Auth protocols:

  • HMAC-MD5-96
  • HMAC-SHA-96

It is important to note that we only support the standard protocols listed above. Non-standard protocols that aren't listed above are not supported.

Minor Changes & Fixes

Smart Environments - General

Enhancement- The 'Stay Signed In' button has been removed from the password reset pages.

Fix - The Serraview logo now correctly redirects to the landing page.

Fix - Additional support added for IE 9 to display placeholder text on forms.


Fix - When clearing a switch that services multiple floors via imports, Wireup now correctly un-wires desks.

Locator (v5.2.0) & Locator v2.2.0)

Enhancement- Locator Mobile (web) has been enhanced with an autocomplete feature that will suggest results as a search is entered in the search box.

Enhancement- Minor color change in Locator to clearly differentiate between an available and unavailable space.

Enhancement- Size of tabs in Locator slightly reduced to allow more space for floorplans.

Enhancement- On Find a Space, the clear filter button now appears when one or more filters are selected.

Enhancement- Tick icon size in Locator Mobile (web) increased.

Enhancement- Locator Mobile (web) has been enhanced with an autocomplete feature that will suggest results as a search is entered in the search box.

Enhancement- When setting a 'free for' time in the search panel in Locator + Locator Mobile (web) to anything other than 15 minutes, the selected booking time will now appear on the floorplan pop out.

Fix - Locator and Locator Mobile (web) now have correct pluralization in away messages.

Fix - Updated Locator and Locator Mobile (web) to no longer show a person last seen as negative hours if time is in the past.

Fix -  While loading, Locator and Locator Mobile (web) now display a loading animation.

Fix - When looking at one floor, then selecting a desk on another floor from the search panel, Locator now correctly redirects to the floorplan and shows the desk.

Fix - When in Kiosk mode, the 'You are here' pin now correctly displays.

Fix - Minor padding and spacing issues fixed in Locator Mobile (web).

Fix - If multiple utilization sources are present for a single workpoint, the order of priority has been updated to prefer known users over anonymous activity.

Room Booking (v1.4.0)

Enhancement- When displaying room availability in Locator, functionality has been added to match email addresses that are the same but do not have similar casing. This facilitates accurate room availability display in Locator.

Wi-Fi Updates

Enhancement- Wi-Fi data processing has been updated to suppress unnecessary Wi-Fi position changes. Excessive amounts of data are being passed to Serraview to process when the device has moved a negligible distance.

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