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Send out Bulk Email via the People Bulk Update

You can send out emails to people in bulk from the Bulk Update People area.
  1. Click the People tab.
  2. Use the Bulk Update Search and Filter to find the people.
  3. Select multiple Bulk Update grid rows to make your selection. 

There is a limit of 500 emails that can be sent and the Send email button will be disabled if your selection is greater than 500.

4.Click the Send email button. 


Blank Generic Template

The Blank Generic Template can be set up in the Email module, refer to Bulk Update Emails.

  1. Click the Blank Generic Template (Note this email will have a different name depending on what is set up). A confirmation message displays "X Rows, are you sure you want to send the "Blank Generic Template" email?
  2. Click the Confirm button.

Ad Hoc Template

The Ad Hoc Template lets you create an email on the go and the only parameter that can be used is the email recipient's first name in the format:

  1. Click the Ad Hoc Template. The Send Email form displays.


2. In the Subject field, enter the subject of the email.

3. In the Content field, enter the content of the email

4. In the Reply To field, enter in the email address that recipient's can reply to.

5. Click the Send button. A confirmation message displays "X Rows selected, are you sure you want to send the "Ad Hoc Template" email?

6. Click the Confirm button.