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Update Locker Details


This article contains an example BOS Move Data, you may find your BOS Move Data is different from the example.

The Migration Manager will complete the locker details.

Update the Locker Details

From the BOS Move Data screen:

  1. From the BOS Grid Headings, click Locker Details
  2. If you need to update the current Lockers details, click the clipboard_e275b6fb1146582f55a690e40c035f6e3.png Refresh From Live icon. For more information, refer to Refresh the BOS Move Plan Data from Live.
  3. Click the BOS row. The Current Locker form displays. 


3. Select the Request Locker Type button either Bottom or Top.

4. If the BOS Occupant has another locker request, then click the + icon to add another locker request.

5. Complete the locker's details.

6. Click the Save button.

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