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Search for a First Responder

When an incident occurs in the office and your employees can search for your First Responders, such as a First Aid Officer or the Fire Warden.

It is important to remember that the First Responders display when:


  • the First Responders filter is on, for example First Aid Officer and/or Fire Warden and then all the First Responders across every level of the selected building display.
  • they only show for the building they are assigned to and they are excluded when they make a reservation in another building.

Follow the Steps

From the Concierge menu, tap on Maps to begin.

The menu items in the Concierge menu are configurable so the menu item could be called Find & Book or another name that suits your business, see Set up the Concierge Menu for 3 or more menu items.

Tap the People icon.



Tap the First Responders icon.



The First Responders filters display.

Learn how to set up the filters, refer to Set up the Person of Interest Filters and for Engage Mobile you can set up the Concierge Menu item to launch the First Responders.


Tap the First Aid Officer filter icon to turn it on and then tap Show results.


The First Aid Officers display.


Remember if you want to see where the First Aid Officer sits on the floorplan, tap the Arrow image2020-7-27_13-5-49.pngicon.

Now, let's change the filter to see who the Fire Warden's are.

Tap the First Responders icon.


The First Responders filters display.

Tap the First Aid Officer filter icon to turn the filter off.

Tap the Fire Warden filter icon to turn it on.


The Fire Wardens display.