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2023 May Serraview Product Release

Our release management approach for Serraview uses continuous delivery, for more details see Serraview Release Management.

55 People Report Enhancements

Released May 13th

The filters now include Location, Org Unit, and Snapshot.


The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet will be ordered by First Name, then by Last Name, then by Email.

The following fields have been added or renamed:

  • Person Details:
    • Archive Candidate?
    • Archive Candidate Nomination Date
    • Last Login Date
    • Security Roles
    • Lockers
    • Storage
    • Car Parks
    • Badge Cards
  • Location Details:
    • Region
    • Rename “Building Name” to “Building”
    • Rename “Hood” to “Neighborhood”
    • Rename “Floor Name” to “Floor”
  • Engage Details:
    • Booking Allowed?

The following fields have been changed:

  • Import Details
    • Archive if not in the import? (When this is set to Yes then archive if not in import or No do not archive.)
  • SVLive Details
    • Opt-out of SVLive (When this is set to Yes then set SVLive Opt Out to ticked or NO to set to unticked.)

Learn more in 55 People Report

General Maintenance Release

Released May 13th

  • Other Fixes and Improvements - General bug fixes to keep things running smoothly.