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2022 May Insights Product Release

Insights Editor

Released May 13th

  • UPDATED - All Utilization Explores are to be updated with the Days in Week Count.


Released May 13th

  • NEW Team Utilization Profile Dashboard - This dashboard is designed to show how teams interact with their workplace, by highlighting both their utilization and their synergies with other teams. This relationship is measured by both number of meetings with other org units, as well as number of attendees in those meetings. What days of the week these meetings occur and where (by seat count) are also highlighted. This helps Space Planners understand which teams should ideally be moved to or placed near other teams due to strong relationships.
  • UPDATED SVLive Troubleshooting Dashboard - This dashboard includes raw SVLive data rows as an additional tile. The Date Range filter controls what data appears in this tile and this can be used to confirm success with small-scale tests.
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