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Version 2.38 - November 2015 Release Notes


  • Feature – Speedgate Utilisation Dashboards
  • Feature – Dashboards can now to exported to PDF

Report Builder

  • Enhancement – Report floor plans can now have a customisable heat map layer
  • Enhancement – Reports can have a repeater element to repeat a section of a report. E.g. repeating a floor plan for each floor in a selected building/region
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where report 288 was sometimes returning invalid fields
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where report 286 was sometimes not returning utilisation data
  • Bug Fix – Corrected description of desks tab on report 111
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where report 1132 sometimes crashed
  • Bug Fix – Sum should now calculate correctly in Report 1027 pivot

Floor Plan Importer

  • Bug Fix – Improved behaviour when a floorplan is updated via import without a cost centre or occupant label
  • Bug Fix – Improved logic where two identical shapes overlap

Data Imports

  • Bug Fix – Improved logic for determining whether database values should be updated or not based on imported data
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where the desk would not be unallocated if a blank Cost Centre was provided in a Work Point Import

Car Parks and Lockers

  • Bug Fix – Storage list will no longer jump after editing or adding an item
  • Bug Fix – Search results in the Current owner and Future owner fields are now ordered by First Name and then Last Name


  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where floor plans were sometimes not displaying in Locator
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where floors without zones sometimes produced a loading error

Employee Location Page

  • Enhancement – Added "clear search" button for mobile search
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where some employee location pages failed to load correctly
  • Bug Fix – "Unknown Person" will no longer appear in search results

Service Requests

  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue when users were sometimes prompted to save despite no changes being made
  • Bug Fix – Approver sequence now starts at one
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where authoriser comments were sometimes appearing incorrectly
  • Bug Fix – Archived People should now appear in the custom fields tab
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where fields sometimes momentarily appeared unexpectedly
  • Bug Fix – Closing a service request when there is unsaved data will now prompt the user
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where fields in a service request were sometimes not being saved
  • Bug Fix – If the default authoriser is removed for a service request, they will remain removed unless "Refresh Default Authorisers" is clicked, or they are manually re-added

Workplace Manager

  • Enhancement – Workplace Manager has been renamed to Portfolio Manager
  • Bug Fix – Improved error messages associated with File Upload errors
  • Bug Fix – Custom Fields should now display in the correct order
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where work points could sometimes not be selected when labels are enabled
  • Bug Fix – The location selector under Forecasting will no longer overlap with the search bar
  • Bug Fix – Added a shape gradient threshold to clean up segmented lines where merged shapes on a floor plan are not exactly aligned
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where occupied work points were calculating incorrectly if a fixed work point had more than one occupant
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where People capacity was sometimes calculating incorrectly for Hoods
  • Bug Fix – Quick search will now return multiple locations if a person has more than one desk

Move Projects

  • Feature – Move Project Security
  • New Move Projects are now confidential
  • Feature – New access types for Move Projects—owner, co-owner, can write, read-only
  • BOS 'Invite Others' option superseded with 'Manage Access'
  • Move Project owners/co-owners can manage the access of their own projects (without involving Property Administrators)
  • Changes to Secured Actions, Roles and Configuration to support the enhancements listed above
  • Enhancement – New standalone 'Scenario Planner' app
  • Enhancement – Display of BOS app—not just for migration managers
  • Enhancement – When a scenario project has only one building, that building will be selected by default once a phase is opened
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where statistics would sometimes synchronise incorrectly across phases after a team move
  • Bug Fix – Statistics will now calculate correctly if user saves and then makes team allocation changes
  • Bug Fix – When viewing a scenario without resolving conflicts, the user is now be shown a warning that they are in read-only mode
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where reverting a move sometimes caused the scenario to become unresponsive
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where column headers were sometimes blank in BOS
  • Bug Fix – The BOS report filter will now automatically filter out inactive BOS projects
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where the user was sometimes presented with an error when opening a phase after saving changes to the impacted building
  • Bug Fix – Resolved spelling error in "BOS Team Blocking Integration" configuration value

My Workplace

  • Bug Fix – When a user enters text in the search box, and clicks "next page", the results on the next page will now also be filtered by the text in the search box Portal
  • Enhancement – Portal has been renamed to 'Serraview Workplace'

Serraview Workplace

  • Feature – New design and interface
    • Modern Web Technologies
    • Written in HTML5—so accessible on Tablets and Smartphones
  • Feature – Self-management of Workplace accessibility by Business Reps
    • Ability to add/remove themselves from teams
    • Ability to share their current level of access with others
  • Feature – Feedback
    • An automated feedback form for Business Reps using the Serraview Workplace tool
  • Feature – Ability to edit employee type within Serraview Workplace
  • Feature – Ability to edit special roles against a person within Serraview Workplace
  • Enhancement – Floorplan displays
    • Simpler for Business Reps to visualise and make changes to their Team Space
    • Drag-and-drop facility to move People to Desks
  • Enhancement – Improved Workflow
    • Business Reps can now see any changes made to their floors
    • Property have full visibility of changes and can approve/reject them accordingly (this can be automated depending on the task)
    • The VBS automatically updates approved changes.
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where invitations would sometimes send incorrectly
  • Bug Fix – Resolved an error sometimes received when removing an occupant from a work point
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