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Unlock or lock the user account

Level: System Administrator


Users who sign into Serraview using SSO and require assistance with the sign in, will need to contact their IT team.


When a user has entered their password incorrectly more than the permitted number of times in a row, their account will be locked in Serraview. A message displays to the user that their account is locked and advisesthem to contact their System Administrator to access their account again.

Step 1. Unlock the user account

  1. Navigate to Resources > User Security.
  2. In the Search field, enter the name of the person. The search results will include the Lock Status column that indicates if the user account is Locked or Unlocked.
  3. Click the user account check box.
  4. Click the Unlock User button. The User's Lock Status will change to Unlocked.

If you need to lock the user account, then click the Lock User icon.

Step 2. Reset user's password

If the user has forgotten their password, they will need to either: