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Eptura Knowledge Center

Serraview Recommendations

To ensure the success of your implementation, follow the provided recommendations listed below where possible and be sure to validate the solution on a test device before purchasing and installing screens and related hardware.


For the best results, we recommend a wired connection. Wireless connections have proved in the past to be far less reliable and Kiosks are often in locations with poor signal coverage.

Power Settings

We recommend that you make the following adjustments to the system power settings:

  • Disable screen timeout/screensaver during normal office hours. This way the Kiosk always displays as functional and available.
  • Disable sleep/hibernate functions as the kiosk usually cannot be woken up without a physical keyboard.

Screen Mounting

If wall mounting your touchscreen kiosk, consider that users will need to be able to reach the top most elements on the screen to navigate around. Screens are to be used in landscape orientation.

Number of Kiosks

We recommend 1 kiosk per 100 people.


Kiosks must be installed at common entry points to your building/floor. Typically, in an elevator lobby. You must always install your kiosk in a secure, restricted area to prevent unauthorized access by visitors.

Mouse and Keyboard Support

The Kiosk software is designed to be used via a touchscreen. As such, when in Kiosk mode, the mouse will be disabled, and an on-screen keyboard will be displayed automatically when needed.

Serraview Locator can also be run in normal PC mode (with a mouse and keyboard) if necessary.

Launch Full Screen with Digital Signage

You can display Locator and Digital Signage (this is either a client's digital image or a digital image provided by Serraview) on a screen.
We recommend that if you intend to use Locator on the same screen as digital signage, then avoid splitting the screen. You can either:

  • Display the digital signage via a screensaver.
  • Include a link/button that allows users to launch Locator into full screen mode.

If the screen must be shared with other content, then the minimum screen resolution requirement applies to the screen area given to display Locator. E.g. For a 1024x768 screen split vertically or horizontally will leave Locator with less than the minimum required screen resolution.

For more information refer to the Digital Signage Overview.