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Import files into Serraview via SFTP

This process involves a secure connection being made from the Client to Serraview's SFTP, and files being sent through on a regular basis to update the Serraview data. Currently the majority of the Client SFTP setups use the automated the nightly update of People data import a monthly Organizational Unit Hierarchy import. Some clients use the transfer to update the Speedgate (Badge Swipe), Occupancy or Team data and Floorplans. 


Step 1. Approval and IT engagement for SFTP

Engage your IT team to begin SFTP configuration. The set up usually requires internal approval.

Step 2. Provide Technical Details

After your IT team has been engaged, they will need to provide technical information to Serraview. All the technical details for your IT team can be found in the following PDFs:


Set up SFTP with Serraview APAC (PDF file)


Set up SFTP with Serraview for Canada (PDF file)


Set up SFTP with Serraview EMEA (PDF file)


Set up SFTP with Serraview for Singapore (PDF file)


Set up SFTP with Serraview US (PDF file)

The high-level requirements are:

  • A public key generated, client retains the private key pair (SSH of 2048 bits).
  • The IP address of the server from which the files will be sent.

Serraview's server details are also in the document and these are:

  • Server Details – The technical information of Serraview's SFTP server.
  • User Details – The user name used by your IT team to connect to Serraview's SFTP server. No password will be required because authentication is implemented with the public keys.

Step 3. Serraview to configure SFTP

After the above details are supplied Serraview will create a SFTP account based on client details (and embed client certificates).

Step 4. Test SFTP Connection

Serraview will work with your IT team to test this connection. This will require the Client to push a test file to Serraview's SFTP server, and Serraview to check if the test file has been received. The test file can be a .txt file with the word 'test' in it.