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Configure Asset Category Keyword

Level: System Administrator
The asset category keyword populates the Type (Category) drop-drop and it displays an asset hierarchy. The keyword is used in the following procedures Add, Edit, or Delete StorageAdd, Edit, or Delete Lockers, and Add, Edit, or Delete Parking.

For example:

  • for storage, the sub-categories are 2-shelf or 3-shelf storage units.
  • for lockers, the sub-categories are top locker or bottom locker.
  • for parking, the sub-categories are standard parking, small car parking, and disabled parking.

The keyword has a particular set up for it to display in the correct order:

Serraview Managed Storage


Root type for Serraview Managed Storage, Car Parks, and Lockers.

StorageSerraview Managed Storage
LockersSerraview Managed Storage
Car ParkSerraview Managed Storage

You can use the Asset Category keyword set to define the asset hierarchy.

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General > Keywords.
  2. In the Keyword Set Search field, enter the keyword set name called Asset Category.
  3. Select Asset Category. The keyword values display in the panel.


4. Add or edit the keyword values in the panel. For more information, refer to Modify an existing Keyword Set.

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