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Assign an anchor desk in a Flexi Team

There may be a need for a person to have a fixed position within a Flexi Team. For example, the manager is placed in a fixed position so staff can locate them easily. A fixed desk within a Flexi Team is referred to as an anchor desk.

Your security access may restrict the ability to assign anchor desks, or update team allocation for a workpoint. If you are unable to update workpoint allocations, contact your Corporate Real Estate team to discuss your security settings.

You can create an anchor desk within a Flexi Team's allocated space.

  1. Either complete the following:
    1. From the People list, drag and drop the person onto the workpoint.
    2. From the floorplan, click the workpoint and In the add occupant field, enter in the person's name.
  2. The person is assigned to a specific workpoint.

After the anchor desk has been created, the workpoint remains allocated to your Flexi Team, however the workpoint working style changes from flexible to fixed.

To remove the anchor desk, click the x to the right of the person's name.

When you assign an anchor desk in a Flexi Team that belongs to a neighborhood, the team name of the allocated workpoint is removed. You will need to complete the following:

  1. Click on the workpoint.
  2. In the Allocate to Team field, re-enter the allocated team name.