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Assignments (Data Quality) Dashboard


This dashboard presents different data quality issues related to assignments. Those issues include:

  • People with multiple locations.

  • People assigned to locations with no team/org unit.

  • Spaces with more people than workpoints.

  • Spaces where the person’s assigned org unit does not match the location’s org unit.

  • Floors where Is Managed (also known as Show In VBS) is set to false but the building Is Managed is set to true.

  • Trailing white space in names of buildings floors and spaces.

  • Buildings lacking geographic data.

  • Buildings without floors.

  • Floors with shape data, but no floorplans.

Though there can absolutely be valid reasons for any of these, for users concerned with maintaining high-quality data or avoiding some odd metrics, this dashboard will highlight all the areas in your portfolio to look at.

When this dashboard is edited in the Insights Editors then you can enable cross-filtering, see Looker's documentation article called Cross-filtering Dashboards.

Special Data Elements

  • N/A

Special Filters

  • Building/Location Org Unit filter - These filters require the use of the operator Contains to work appropriately.


  • N/A