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Set up to use the Architectural Floorplans or Stylized Floorplans

Level: System Administrator


Architectural Floorplans

Engage display the architectural floorplans that you are accustomed to and we recommend that you use the default floorplans.

Stylized Floorplans

However, we know many people would prefer to see a simpler, more stylized floor-map similar to a mall-map. It is for this reason that we built an algorithm that automatically leverages that data we have in Serraview to automatically create a stylized representation of the floorplan. This feature relies on:

  • accurate polylines around all of your spaces.
  • accurate classification of Space Types - If you are using Stylized Floorplans, make sure that you have Set up the Space Types for Engage as the Stylized Floorplan will use the Space Types to display the floorplan.

You and your staff may like the stylized layout, or you might prefer to see the architectural layout. That is why we made it configurable to turn on or off!

Toggle Stylized Floorplans on or off

From Serraview complete the following:


  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General > Engage Configuration.
  2. Either:
    1. Check Use Zoom Tiles check box to use the Architectural Floorplans.
    2. Uncheck Use Zoom Tiles check box to use the Stylized Floorplans.
  3. Click the Update button.