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2021 December Engage Product Release

Note: Our release management approach for Engage is to use continuous delivery, for more details see Engage Release Management.

December's releases to include:

Engage Mobile and Web

Set up Acknowledgement Message with Formatting

Released December 11th


Engage App UI Change by System Administrator
Your System Administrator will be about to set up the Acknowledge Message with text formatting such as headings, bold, etc.


For more details, see Set up Acknowledgement Message.

Other Fixes and Improvements

Released December 11th

  • General usability improvements and bugs. 

Engage and Serraview

Engage to be included in the Serraview Menu

Released December 11th

You will find the menu link to Engage in the Serraview menu and this will launch Engage web.


For more details, see Open, Sign In, and Engage.

Enforce which Employees can Make Bookings

Released December 4th


Engage App UI Change by System Administrator
When you want to control who is booking a desk then your System Administrator can configure Engage to enforce bookings for your employees. For example, this could be used when an employee is waiting for clearance on a security check before they are allowed to make bookings.

You will find in Engage's configuration the Enforced Bookings Allowed check box and when checked this will turn on the feature. Also, note that there is a Booking Denied Message that will be displayed to the employee if they try and make a booking.


Also, your System Administrator will need to update the People Directory for the particular person. When the Booking Allowed drop-down is set to No, then this will stop the employee from making bookings.


For more details, see Enforce which Employees can Make Bookings.

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