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Version 2.33.23088 - February 2014 Release Notes


Fix - Fixed a problem with negative stats when moving teams from floor to floor.

Fix - Fixed a loading problem when you open and close team forms really quickly.

Fix - Fixed a problem where a team created by implementing a BOS (with the Destination Painter) would not allow occupants.

Fix - Fix to retain the height of floor plans in the VBS so changes the user makes to the size of the plan is remembered. Default label size is also retained, and scrolling has been improved.

Fix - Fix a layout / spacing issue in the Occupancy of the Team Form where rows were not lining up correctly.

Enhancement - VBS Zoom is now less sensitive and easier to control.

Enhancement - A Regroup button has been added to the VBS. This button returns selected split teams to their original org unit grouping.

Enhancement - Added a warning message under 'Wayfinding Comments' to clarify who sees these messages. They are visible to ALL users, including general users that access Wayfinding (not just Property).

Enhancement - Added quick report to BOS Destination Painter.

Enhancement - A person's business card will appear when you hover over their name after clicking on a workpoint.


Fixes to the loading and saving of BOS Attributes (fire wardens etc).

Removed the Send First Day Emails action form More Actions menu. You can now send the first day email from the Send Emails function.

Fixed a problem where a team created by implementing a BOS (with the destination painter) would not allow occupants.

Fixed an issue that would implement a BOS to Smart Track desks.

Changed BOS so that when you mark an occupant as not moving, it clears the 'moving to' location.

Fixed an issue where closing the 'add flexi occupant' dialogue box caused an error.


Change so that System Users (such as unknown person, import user, report user) cannot be archived.

Fixed an error when resetting passwords.

Quick Reports Enhancements – Quick Reports can now be configured with default parameters and be renamed.

Data Imports

Switch import now allows you to clear the building and floor information while leaving the switch in the database.

Switch import no longer requires location as specified in the example schema.

Fixed a problem with the switch import where it would error when importing a switch with multiple additional floors.

Occupancy import now works with report 139.

All Excel files generated by Serraview are of the XLSX format, allowing more than 64k of lines.

Issue fixed where the Asset Import allowed you to create duplicates.

Asset import no longer clears the cost centre when doing a name change.

Org unit import now has a threshold tick box to stop accidental database overrides.

Imports that fail should now list first failing row number and data.

New import for speedgate data has been created.

Hoods import has been created and can now be used for bulk updates of hoods.

When importing multiple unknown people, the occupancy import now correctly creates multiple unknown people instead of only one.

The Person import now has configuration options to exclude referenced archive candidates from being archived.

Generic Person imports expected schema updated to be more user friendly.

Imports now show their duration to users with the debug action.

Occupancy import can toggle between Team and Desk import, giving you a different schema for each.

Imports search for a specific sheet name, and if not found use the first sheet.


Fixed an issue with the From field in configurable emails

Service Request emails now allow attachments


Enabled file upload support for IE11.

Improvements to Snapshots creation. You can now view the Workplace Portal, but a warning will be issued if a save is attempted while a snapshot is being created.

Fixed a problem where Wayfinding could not update locations to flexi teams in hoods.

Update to saves for Portal & BOS to ensure they execute the same functionality as a VBS save (for flexi, fixed desks and hoods).


Forecasting totals in reports now include hoods in their calculations.

Fixed a problem with the forecasting quick reports where they were ignoring building/floor filters.

Forecast reports now filter regions as specified in parameters.

Fixed a problem in Forecasting where you could not remove demand entries.

Move Projects

Blocking warning messages are now hidden for teams that are in hoods.

Blocking warning messages for Org Units are hidden if any of their teams are in a hood.

Fixed a bug when opening a team's occupancy tab in an unsaved Move Project.

Fixed a bug where team data wasn't loaded after a Team Move.

Teams can now be moved in future phases without any errors.

People list and stats are now available in Move Project Team forms. The stats in the VBS stack is identical to the Live VBS except for Hood data (flexi/fixed workpoints).

Fix to the toolbar not being correctly hidden on unresolved move project phases.


Report 34 applies floor filter from mapping view.

Fixed the way that report 132 calculates WSR totals.

Fix to report 111 – Location Type is now a required field for a building.

Report 22 can now handle the building/floor name with an "&".

Fixed errors in Report 12.

Fix to Report 111 to correctly show utilisation for workpoints without activity.

Added a prompt to save before running quick reports.

Fixed issues with performance on the report tab where the filter options did not always update.

Fix to Report 63 (Service Request Business Case) where all Approver types not appearing.

Report 73 now displays Division before the Org Unit column.

Service Requests

Enhancements to configuration of Contact Types.

Enhancements to Default Authorisers which can now be added to locations and for contact types as well as org units.

'Other' text field is now hidden in the NewSR form unless 'other' is chosen as the request type.

NewSR changes Default 'charge to' can be set in configuration & charge to cost centre defaults to the cost centre of the requester.

Fix to Location being mandatory configuration option not functioning.

Storage, Lockers & Car Parks

Hoods are no longer selectable as an owning team of storage.

Fix to the assignment of lockers through the Team Form not updating.

Locator & Wireup

Added configuration options for room attributes in Locator.

Fixed a problem where workpoints added via wireup were causing save problems in VBS and Space Mapping.

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