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Lock the BOS Move for Edits

After a BOS Move Plan owner is satisfied with the information captured within the BOS and is ready to be published, they can lock a phase to prevent Migration Managers from making any further changes.

  1. Open a BOS Move Project that you are the Owner or Co-owner of.
  2. Click the BOS Plan Moves Data clipboard_e26917bf911f5e30b9b782b56eb151e74.png icon. 
  3. Select the phase.
  4. Click the Lock clipboard_ea53dc9ab70d403f3078f17b9a159b870.png icon to lock the phase.

The Lock clipboard_ee44ec2f359162bfc7e31b30be749bdbc.png icon displays and the BOS Move Rows Status changes to Locked. 


When a BOS Move Plan is locked, it can only be edited by users with the BOS - Edit Locked Data secured action. This ensures data integrity by preventing some users from editing data and allows final changes to be made without unlocking the entire BOS Move Plan. If you need to change the BOS Move Plan user permissions, refer to Update the BOS Plan Details and Security.

To unlock the phase, click the Locked image2020-9-21_10-11-12.png icon. Then the users with the correct permission can edit the BOS Move Plan.