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Eptura Knowledge Center

Document Library

Level: System Administrator


The Document Library provides a location for the System Administrator to store information related to the real estate portfolio, such as:

  • internal processes
  • car park information
  • property policy information
  • maps
  • packing and relocation information

Documents uploaded here are instantly visible to the Corporate Real Estate team making it a handy tool to store non-sensitive files, refer to Eptura Security and Privacy Information.


Users require the secured action Document Library - Access to view and document files and Document Library - Allow Upload to upload files. 
If you require access, then contact your System Administrator. For information on how to add secured actions to a role, refer to Manage User Roles.


The Document Library is accessed via:

  1. From the left-menu, click Resources > Document Library. The Document Library screen displays.


Search and Filter

The Document Library screen contains search and filter.

This allows you to search for document items in the list.


You can filter the list to quickly find the document items.

  1. Click the Filter clipboard_e2796752e17b7721451b390cd70a9af53.png icon. The filter panel displays.


2. In the Document Owner field, enter the person's name.

3. In the Tags field, enter the name of the tag.

The list is filtered to display the document items that match the filter.

Audit History

When the Document Library is updated the changes are recorded in the audit history: