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Extract Data using the Reporting Endpoint

Your developer can extract data from Serraview using the Reporting Endpoint for a standard or custom Serraview Report and then they can load this to an external system.
Remember that authentication to the Serraview API will require the authentication to include the report's secured action.


Step 1. Find the Standard or Custom Report Number

Your developer will need to know the Serraview Report ID number and remember that any Custom Report ID number will start from 1000.

  1. From Serraview, navigate to Insights > Reporting.
  2. Either browse the list or search for the report.

For example, the Space Tag Report's ID is 138.


Step 2. Find the Report's Secured Action and define the Scope

Step 2.1 Find the Secured Action

To access a Serraview Report via the Serraview API, you must specify the report's Secured Action ID. Below describes how to find the Action ID.

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Reporting.
  2. Generate the 117 Role Actions and Users Report.
  3. Open the report in Microsoft Excel.
  4. Click the Roles and Assigned Actions tab.
  5. In the Actions column, filter for the report.
  6. In the Action ID column, copy the Action ID.
  7. Use this Action ID in the scope. see Create a JSON Web Token (JWT).

For example, the Space Tag Report's secured ation ID is 9191.


Step 2.2 Define the Scope

Then use the secured action id the scope, see Create a JSON Web Token (JWT).

For example, the scope will be 9191.

"scope": "{9191}",

Step 3. Use the Reporting Endpoint

Finally, the Endpoint - reporting article describes how to use the Reporting Endpoint to retrieve the data using the report's ID.