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Serraview Navigation

Corporate Real Estate staff will use Serraview daily to view, manage and report on their portfolio. Depending on your security settings and the Serraview modules that have been licensed for use, not all menu items will be available.
Learn more about the:

Global Navigation

The global navigation consists of the following:




Serraview logo


Your company's  logo 

You can update the placeholder logo with your company's logo, refer to Branding and your Company's Logo.


Click the Help clipboard_e79116284a48a8bc8982b8bbfa4a51d15.png icon to display the Knowledge Center or the Product Support panel. Learn about the Product Support panel.



Recently run reports.

Find out how to generate reports, see Reporting.


The Profile icon contains the following:

Suggest a Feature

Got an idea ... let us know, more details in Suggest a Feature.


Serraview can be set up for your locale/location this will change the language, measurement, and page layout setting. For more information, refer to Set your locale.


You can log out of Serraview by:

  1. Click the Profile icon.
  2. Click Logout. You are logged out of Serraview and the login screen displays.

Menu Expand and Collapsed

The default menu is expanded, click the menu collapse icon icon_menu_collapse.png to collapse the menu.


When the menu is collapsed, click the menu expand icon icon_menu_expand.png to expand the menu.


When you are using your UAT Environment following labels will display.

Expanded Menu


Collapsed Menu


Navigation Menu

The menu consists of the following:

Name  Description

The Serraview Home screen contains a dashboard that allows you to see a listing of your Service Requests, Scenario Plans, and BOS Move Plans. Also, you can quickly create or edit the requests or plans.


Spaces module displays the floorplan with the different space views overlaid on top. From this module you can view and color floorplans by space type, number of seats, charge rules, and occupancy.

The Spaces module allows a business to visualize the different areas of their workspace so they can:

  • investigate the floors and spaces more easily and everyone will have access and be able to search for people and spaces.
  • understand the usable space and if needed measure spaces.
  • manually map (or add/edit Serraview polylines) to your floors.
  • produce accurate space and allocation information for chargeback purposes.

If you are using Serraview’s Floorplan Importer, new spaces must be created in your CAD file and then uploaded. Do not use the Spaces module to create them. Also, do not edit shapes as this will interfere with the floor's ability to be exported and imported from AutoCAD in the future.

If you are unsure if you are using Floorplan Importer, then check with your System Administrator.

Block & Stack (VBS)

The Block & Stack (VBS) brings everyone together and includes details from the Buildings & Floors, Floorplans, Organizational Units, and the Space module. You will find this module is very visual and colorful.

In this module you will encounter terms, such as:

  • allocation (what spaces does the team have on the floor such as desks, offices, etc)
  • occupancy (where do people sit on the floor)

The main purpose of the Block & Stack is to make sure the teams have enough space so they can work successfully together. This module lets you set up seating and spaces for:

  • Fixed teams
  • Flexible teams
  • Neighborhoods

Engage is Serraview’s employee engagement and when you click the menu link this will launch Engage web.


Locator is our Wayfinding application and it provides a simple and quickly way for your employees to search and find desks, spaces and people.

Workplace Portal

Updating which team your people belong to and where they sit is an age-old problem. After you make your seating and team adjustments in the Block & Stack (VBS), you can validate that it matches what is happening in real life.

You can arrange with your business representative to check that in real life that John Smith does sit at desk 123 and they can walk up to that desk and confirms John is actually sitting there. Or in a flexible team your business representative can find out if Mary Smith does belong to Team X.

For the validation process to be effective it should happen every 30 days to ensure the information in the Block & Stack (VBS) is relevant and up to date. Also, this process can also help with reducing desk hoarding and the chargeback process (where we charge the real estate to the teams occupying the desks/spaces).

Workplace Admin

Workplace Administration enables centralized management of your Workplace Administrators and Workplace Managers.

Move Add Change  

The BOS (Bodies on Seat) module, assists with the process of moving people from one location to another. It provides a central location for managing all move information, allows stakeholders to contribute information, ensures a single source of information, allows move details to be locked down, and offers reporting.

Scenario Planner

Scenario are designed for high-level strategic planning. They allow the user to plan simple or complex team moves quickly and efficiently using the business as usual information entered in the VBS, or utilization data to right-size your portfolio. The creation of a scenario could be prompted by identification of poorly utilized space, a lease ending, a new building purchase, increase or decrease of team numbers or the shift into flexible Activity Based Working (ABW) environments.

Service Request

Your CRE team can use the module as the central location for all the requests received from your Business, such as space request for small/large mores or for facility requests.


Serraview Insights

Serraview's embedded and interactive dashboards that allows CRE teams to make data-driven decisions.


You will find all of Serraview's comprehensive list of floorplan and Excel based reports. 

Legacy Dashboard

These dashboards are primarily used to run floorplan reports built using Serraview Report Builder. The majority of default reports within Reporting Dashboards are related to utilization reporting. 

Portfolio Dashboards

These dashboard allows Space Planners, Relationship Managers, and Department Heads to visualize their space usage, review utilization efficiency, and justify requirements for more space based on occupancy and team allocation. 

Buildings and Floors

A central repository of your portfolio's Buildings and Floors which contains leasing information, area calculations, and floorplans.


You can keep track of your Locker assets, allocate them to teams or owners, and run a detailed report about each asset.


You can keep track of your Storage assets, allocate them to teams or owners, and run a detailed report about each asset.


You can keep track of your Parking assets, allocate them to teams or owners, and run a detailed report about each asset.

Document Library

The Document Library provides a location for the System Administrator to store information related to the real estate portfolio.

People Directory

Contains the list of people in Serraview.

User Security

System Administrators are responsible for managing access to Serraview's UAT Environment and PROD Environment.

Admin Settings  

 The Admin Settings screen displays a left-hand menu and you can favorite areas that you frequently use. 

Click the Favorite clipboard_e0ace6fae6e33c9b58de8f124822d650d.png icon and the area will be added to the Favorites menu. For example, the File Upload has been added to the Favorites menu.


System Config  


The general configuration area provides System Administrators with access to configure Serraview 3.0 and the modules.

Custom Fields

Many of Serraview's forms and dialogs will include custom fields.


Corporate Real Estate teams are a pivotal point within any organization and keeping end users apprised of relevant information regarding space requests, relocations and the validation of occupancy information is crucial. Configurable email templates allow you to customize Serraview communications to suit your business needs. 

Data Imports  
Data Imports (My Imports)

Data Imports (My Imports) allows data to be imported directly into Serraview.

Floorplan Imports

The Floorplan Importer Tool can be used to import floorplans. Refer to Floorplan Management and Upload Floorplan using the Floorplan Importer Tool,

File Upload

The File Upload is used to send files to Serraview in a secure manner for processing by Serraview Support team.

Reference Data

Organization Unit Hierarchy

The Organization (Org) Unit Hierarchy represents the your business' structure .

Space Types

Space Type Hierarchy is used to define the Space Types used on the floorplan and these will be set up to reflect the Space Types you use in your business.

Bulk Update

The Bulk Update module gives you the ability to bulk update People, Space, or Teams. 


The purpose of wireup is to take data from building/floor level down to each individual desk/space by making a connection between the physical location of the desk and the switch port that services that desk.

After we have completed wireup we will be able to detect activity when a person plugs into the network port and logs into their machine. 

API Documentation

The Serraview Core API can be used to access and maintain data related to your organization's property portfolio, allowing you to create your application or integration quickly and easily.