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157 BOS Arriving Floorplan Report


BOS Arriving Floorplan Report provides a floorplan view of the destination for each person being moved within a BOS project.

Key Data

  • Person name.
  • Allocation of workpoint.
  • White Label - Identifies a workpoint on the floorplan that isn't affected by the BOS Move Project.
  • Red Label - Identifies an occupied workpoint that has someone trying to move to it. This will show up red no matter what the Occupancy Configuration is for that workpoint, that is single or multiple occupants.
  • Yellow label - Identifies a workpoint that currently has no occupant and has someone moving to it. This will show up even if the occupancy is set to 'Do not allow occupant'.



Tips and Variations
  • Run by Migration Manager for move coordinators to review their team members' destination desks prior to a move.
  • Red labels highlight multiple people moving into a desk.
  • Run by phase or by Organizational Unit to communicate the move to Business Units.