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Review the manual Org Unit Changes

Level: System Administrator

When you make manual changes to the Org Units such as color changes, custom name changes, or structure changes, these are recorded in the Org Unit Changes screen.

The order in which the changes displayed in the list in the order that they are processed each time an Org Unit Import runs, so these are effectively a way of making custom changes over the top of the Org Unit Import to fix up things that may not be quite right with the import. If you decide you do not want the change you can delete it from the list.

Review the Change List

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Reference Data > Org HierarchyThe Org Unit Hierarchy screen displays.



The status column indicates whether the post-translation rule was able to be applied or not.

An example of a failure could be a rule that cannot be applied is trying to add an org unit under an org unit that no longer exists. Some failures are so convoluted, e.g. a series of manual changes which would result in an org unit rolling up to itself, that they prevent the automated import from working. In these situations, the only practical way forward is to delete all post-translation rules and re-run the import.

Note that the Org Unit's attributes:

  • Synchronization Status checkbox - Can result in failures if the Org Unit Import tries to delete an org unit with one or more descendants marked as Keep if not present in import file.
  • Tenant checkbox - Does not cause/impact import failures.



Delete the Change

  1. For the change you want to delete, check the change(s) check box.


  1. Click the Delete icon. The "Are you sure you want to delete the selected change?" dialog displays.
  2. Click the OK button.