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Before you delete that Building, Floor, or Zone, read this article!

Level: System Administrator

When your business has exited a building or floor and the Corporate Real Estate team no longer wants to include the building, floor, or zone in the portfolio, your thoughts can be I want clean up my portfolio with a deletion.

We recommend that you carefully consider the implications of this action and advise you to speak to your Customer Success Manager prior to a deletion.

Understand the impacts

You will need to consider the possible impacts to the following:

  • Loss of historical data, including floorplans, cost, leasable area, etc.
  • Loss of any other building statistics.
  • Have all the occupants been moved to other spaces? Unseating all occupants in the building, floor, or zone is possible when deleting a building, floor, or zone.
  • Any custom report that pulls building, floor, or zone information - you might encounter errors and be unable to run the report if it references a deleted space specifically. 

What I can do instead of a delete?

You can hide the building and/or floor so that only the System Administrators with access to the Buildings & Floors module can see the hidden building and/or floor.

To hide the buildings and floors, refer to Show or hide a Building or Floor in VBS, remember to include a comment about why the building or floor was hidden.

Okay, I understand but I really want to delete

For the building, floor, or zone, click the Delete image2021-12-14_14-53-59.png icon. A warning message displays "Are you sure you want to delete?"

Click the OK button and deletion is completed.