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2021 January Engage Product Release

The following was released for Engage:

Reserve a Desk on behalf of another Person


UserVoice Idea
If part of your job is to reserve desks on behalf of another person your System Administrator can give you permission to complete this. The secured action is called Reservations - Book on behalf of another personFor more details, see Reserve a desk on behalf of another person

Also, the System Administrator will be able to see who the desk has been reserved for and then if they need they can contact the person if they need to change the booking or cancel the booking.

To cancel a booking that was made on behalf of someone else this can only be done in Serraview's Space form in the Visual Block and Stack module or the Spaces module.


Easily rotate your Floorplan

Remember you can use two fingers to pinch and zoom in and out of the floorplan and now you can use two fingers to easily rotate the floorplan.

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