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Operating Environment

You can review the current information about the technology requirements and recommendations for our products.

Updated: July 2024

Minimum Requirements

As of the most recent release, Serraview (Basics, Pro, and Elite), Engage, Engage Reservations, Locator, and Insights will require the minimum requirements. Your Corporate Real Estate team and any space coordinators in the wider business will need:

Minimum Requirements

Internet Access

Insights Dashboard

  • Allow use of iFrames from * to *

Screen Resolution

  • 1280 x 768 (1280 x 1024 or higher recommended)

Level 1 Browsers

Level 1 browsers are fully supported for use with all Serraview products.

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

For Level 1 browsers, Serraview supports the current and previous major releases of the browser. Each time a new browser version is released, Serraview supports the newest version and stops supporting the third most recent version.

Level 2 Browsers

Level 2 browsers may work with Serraview, but we cannot guarantee performance or functionality due to the limitations of the browser technology.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or above
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or above

AutoCAD File Formats

Drawings must be provided in AutoCAD 2013 format (used in AutoCAD 2013 – AutoCAD 2017) or AutoCAD 2018 format (used in AutoCAD 2018 – AutoCAD 2019). 

Serraview exports the file to AutoCAD 2018 format (used in AutoCAD 2018 – AutoCAD 2019).

More information is found in, Serraview CAD Preparation

Calendar Connector

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, or later. 
  • Microsoft Exchange Online/Office 365 via the Exchange Web Server (EWS)
  • Google Calendar via the Google Calendar API v3

Engage Mobile App

Engage requires Serraview 3.0. 

Mobile Devices

The Engage app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and it is currently supported on the following mobile devices:

  • Apple iOS 13.x and newer
  • Android 9.x and newer

Tablet Devices

Customers can run Engage Web on iOS, Android, and Surface tablet devices through their Web Browser, and all touch controls, such as zoom, pan, and rotate are supported.

The Engage App for the current iOS and Android tablet versions is not supported.

Engage Kiosks

If you are running the Engage Kiosk software, you will need Kiosk hardware that supports our software minimum requirements (above) plus:

  • Touch screen in full screen mode.

  • Landscape mode and 100% Zoom Level.

  • Windows 7 PC or higher.

  • Wired connection is recommended to avoid connectivity issues that are common over wireless networks.


For the best results, we recommend a wired connection. Wireless connections have proved in the past to be far less reliable and Kiosks are often in locations with poor signal coverage.

Power Settings

We recommend that you make the following adjustments to the system power settings:

  • Disable screen timeout/screensaver during normal office hours. This way the Kiosk always displays as functional and available.

  • Disable sleep/hibernate functions as the kiosk usually cannot be woken up without a physical keyboard.

Screen Mounting

If wall mounting your touchscreen kiosk, consider that users will need to be able to reach the top elements on the screen to navigate around. Screens are to be used in landscape orientation.

Location and Number of Kiosks

Kiosks are recommended to be installed at common entry points to your building or floor, such as elevator lobbies, foyers. Typically one device per entry point is likely to be sufficient but this may depend on your building layout and the number of staff using the device.

If you are using a kiosk in a public space, we recommend you enable the the "Hide People Data" setting which hides the names of all people, teams, and details of who has made bookings in a space.

Mouse and Keyboard Support

The Kiosk software is designed to be used via a touchscreen. As such, when in Kiosk mode, the mouse will be disabled, and an on-screen keyboard will be displayed automatically when needed.

Engage Kiosk can also be run in normal PC mode (with a mouse and keyboard) if necessary.

Serraview Locator Kiosks

If you are running the Serraview Locator Kiosk software, you will need Kiosk hardware that supports our software minimum requirements (above) plus:

  • Touch screen.
  • Landscape mode and 100% Zoom Level.
  • Windows 7 PC or higher.
  • Wired connection is recommended to avoid connectivity issues that are common over wireless networks.
  • Public IP Address that will be white listed to authenticate the kiosk.

Serraview Live (SVLive)

The following details the SVLive minimum requirements.

Serraview Switch Scanning Service

The Serraview Switch Scanning Service performs the following tasks:

  • Periodically queries network switches to determine where computers are plugged in
  • Sends network switch scans to Serraview Cloud for processing
  • Fetches configuration changes from Serraview Cloud
  • Sends diagnostic and error information to Serraview Cloud

The application runs as a Windows service, and therefore requires an account with sufficient privileges to access the network switches and Serraview Cloud as outlined in Data Collected by SVLive2's Network Access and Ports.

The hardware requirements are:

  • RAM - 8GB Ram
  • Disk Space - 50MB for application and additional 60GB free disk space
  • CPU - min 2.4GHz, 4 cores

The software requirements are:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 and above
  • Add the Service account in the “Performance Monitor Users” group.


The supported switch vendors are:

  • Cisco
  • Juniper
  • Meraki
  • HP Aruba
  • Fortinet

Serraview Presence Service

The Serraview Presence Service collects user presence information and Wi-Fi signal strength information (optional). When this data is sent to Serraview Cloud, it allows SVLive2 to determine the current location of users, when it is combined with additional location information obtained from network switches.

The access required to complete the rollout of SVLive Presence Service includes:

  • Access to group policy over the domain.
  • Access to package, deploy, and test software.

The hardware requirements are:

  • Windows installations
    • RAM – 10MB available
    • Storage – 10MB Free disk space
  • MacOS installations
    • RAM – 15MB available
    • Storage – 12MB Free disk space
    • Apple silicon or Intel CPU

The software requirements are:

  • Windows 10 and above
  • MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) or MacOS 11 (Big Sur)

MacOS 11.4 is not recommended.

We will test new major operating system versions for compatibility as they are released and may result in new versions of the Serraview Presence Service being released.


The minimum requirements for SLive1 are found in SVLive1 Components.