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Eptura Knowledge Center

Data Imports

In this area, you can import your data, floorplans, or upload files to Serraview support.

Data Imports (My Imports)

You can prepare the import file, either .CSV or .XLS files, from scratch and then import the data in bulk for quick and easy update of Serraview. For example, your allocation, occupancy, building and people data. The My Import includes the ability to complete a trial run to make sure the data will import without any errors.

For more information, refer to Methods of Data Transfer and Data Imports (My Imports).

Floorplan Imports

The Floorplan Importer Tool can be used to import floorplans.

Refer to Floorplan Management, Upload Floorplan using the Floorplan Importer Tool, and Floorplan Importer Tool Usage.

File Upload

The File Upload tool is used to send files to Serraview in a secure manner for processing by Serraview Support team.

For more information, refer to Methods of Data Transfer and File Upload.