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Assignments Details Dashboard

This dashboard is found in Shared > Assignments & Allocations > Details Reports.


A tabular focused dashboard, designed with the option of exporting to CSV or Excel (use Explore From here to export to Excel). This dashboard includes all Assignments and Locations that could have Assignments (such as teams and empty spaces). Baseline information is provided about these assignments which can be used for data validation, communication, and detailed planning. Guarantees at least 1 row per assignment (1 row per person per space).

This dashboard is equivalent to part of the Serraview standard report called 4 Occupancy Report. The other half of this is the Space Details dashboard

Special Data Elements

  • Location Org Unit - The org unit of the space and team.

  • Person Org Unit - The org unit of the person per how they were imported.

  • Org Unit mis-match? - Shows ‘Yes’ if the org unit of the location and the org unit of the person assigned do not match.

Special Filters

  • Org Unit Name - This filters to locations that have an org unit at or below the filtered org unit.


  • 1 row will display per assignment. This means the same space can appear multiple times if multiple people are assigned to it. Similarly, a person can appear multiple times if said person is assigned to multiple locations.