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Description – The AutoCAD drawing files for each floor to be managed in Serraview. The CAD files enable you to see the space layers and architectural layers. For more information on the required formats and upload process, refer to Floorplan Management.

Common Data Sources – The list may come from an existing building management or leasing system, such as an IWMS or CAFM, or a manually prepared spreadsheet.

Required Format – The file formats and file naming convention are detailed in Serraview CAD Preparation.

Recommended Refresh Frequency – The Serraview floorplans must be updated whenever there is an architectural change or workstation reconfiguration to a floor. The floorplans can be uploaded via an automated or manual process.

Custom Fields – For space related custom fields.

Custom fields that are not part of the original scope of work for the implementation, will be considered a modification that will incur an additional cost. Any modifications will require a change request to be created.

File Updates – The process for updating CAD files is covered in Floorplan Management.