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Highlights Through to 2020 November 28

Below are the highlights for the release.

302 Person References Report updated to select Employees in Bulk

When you want to quickly report on different employees to find out details about their Org Level, Team, Cost Center, Tags, Locations, Storage, Lockers, Carparks, and Team Administrator Assignments.

Use 302 Person References Report, as now the bulk search will let you enter multiple employee ids (comma separated) into the search. For example: 30001642,30001643,30001644


For more details, see 302 Person References Report.

Serraview Desktop Applications for Portfolio Manager and Wire-up

While we are developing features such as Space Editor, Wire-up, and adding to the Configuration module, some of our customers will still use the following features from the Serraview Version 2 application: 

  • Wire-up
  • Portfolio Manager (limited features such as Space Mapping and some configurations)

To support our customers we have created two Serraview desktop applications using Adobe Air technology. This allows us to package the features into an application so that you can run it from your desktop. 

The two application packages are called:

  • WireupAir.air - this package contains the Wire-up tool
  • WayfinderFMAir.air - this package contains Portfolio Manager which has the familiar Space Mapping and Configuration Legacy modules.
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