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Schedule a Dashboard

You can set up a schedule for a re-occurring dashboard or report, for example, a monthly or weekly report. Before you schedule a dashboard, remember to check the filters as when any filter(s) are applied then these will affect the dashboard and the dashboard will be scheduled with the filters applied.

If you want the expanded data set then you can download the table, see Download a Single Table or if you have Insights Editor then the table can be saved as a Look and then scheduled for deliver.

1. Navigate the folders to the dashboard you want to set up the schedule for.

2. Click the More Actions image2020-9-30_16-10-44.pngicon.

3. Select Schedule delivery. The Schedule dialog displays.

4. Set up the reoccurrence.

  • Set the reoccurrence such as daily, weekly, etc and you can set the date and time.

5. Set the destination.

  • The destination is set as email you can only send this to users in your company.

6. Set the data format.

  • The data format can be either: CSV ZIP file - this can be used if you want a CSV import that will go to another system, PDF, or PNG visualization.

7. When you have completed the settings, click the Save button.