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Version 2.36.7 - February 2015 Release Notes

New Major Features

Landing Page

The new Landing Page makes it easier for you to access the parts of Serraview you need, without typing in URLs.

Carpark Visualisation In VBS

You can now view Carpark occupancy information directly in the VBS on floorplans.

Peak Utilisation & Peak Opportunity

Clients using Speedgate data now have improved statistics.

API Capability

Serraview now have the capability to create a location service API (Application Programming Interface) to open up our services and data. This will help our customers build solutions to their own unique problems.

New File Upload

There is a new File Upload page available to send files to Serraview.

Bug Fixes & Minor Enhancements


When updating multiple rows using a single form, only those fields that enable down-fill will display a checkbox within the form.

Hoods are now supported in BOS grids.

Buildings & Floors

Custom fields exposed on Zones forms.


"New Service Request Form Enabled" is removed from configuration; the "Service Request - Create New Service Request" action now controls if a user has access to the New SR Form.

Forecasting Module now only visible to Forecasting clients.


Significant improvement to Workpoint Import performance for large files.


Report 246 - the 'People' column now follows the Capacity column to better reflect the order in which columns are calculated.

Report 61 - Location filter added.

New Report 279 - Switch Activity & Unwired Points (SVLive)

Report 225 - Speedgate Access Card Export replaced by 231 -Speedgate Card Audit.

Report 228 - Speedgate Building Visitors deleted. Key information incorporated in Building Utilisation.

Reports 223, 224, 227 and 228 - Replaced Person.FullName with "Person.LastName + ', ' + Person.FirstName" to align with CardName format.

Speedgate Team Utilisation report recalculated to return maximum of previous peaks not the average, so it aligns with VBS.

Speedgate reports now only visible to Speedgate clients.

Updated Search function in Region/Building/Floors and Org Unit/Cost Center fields.


An email with a link to change your password has been sent.

Reports now controlled by three secure actions within Config> Security in preparation for upcoming Reporting Dashboard functionality.

Secured Actions for Reports now split into View, View and Share and Edit to prepare for new Reporting Dashboard functionality.

Service Requests

The grid will now display the appropriate email for that row after creating a new SR and/or refreshing the grid.

Service Request Assignee emails sending as expected.

Space Mapping

Changing space type (e.g. Workstation:Non-Traditional to Workstation: traditional) now automatically updates the default values for the new space type.

Email field functional in room attributes (e.g. Meeting Rooms).


Wireup settings now allow for server ports with 5 digits.


Hoods and Teams with zero workpoints now show a minimum width to retain visibility on the stack.

Colours shown on VBS and generated in VBS Reports now aligned.

VBS now recognises difference in Team Name applied to teams with the same cost centre and generates a new colour.

Able to display occupant names on Labels.

Drag Assistant has larger text and is no longer cropped. Also now supports +/- keys on both numpad and the usual + and - keys.

Drag to floorplan to block a team now disabled until floorplan has completed loading.


Configurable Feedback URL for Wayfinding.

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