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#6 - Set up Meeting Rooms

If you want your employees, to be able to book a meeting room from Engage then this can be configured.

Step 1. Set up the Space Types for Engage

First, you need to set up the space type for Engage. You will need to configure whether the spaces are Hidden, Visible, or Interactable on the floorplan and this is based on their Space Type.

The following options can be applied to each Space Type:

  1. Hide the space type all together - these spaces appear as "negative space" and indicate to the user that they should be able to walk through that space. All circulation space types (corridors, ground floor atriums, elevator lobbies, etc) should be hidden. 
  2. Show (visible) the space type but do not let the user interact with the space - you normally want to make all non-occupiable spaces visible. They are shown in light-grey and indicate that there's a space there, but there's nothing interesting for the user to interact with
  3. Make the space interactive - all desks and meeting spaces that you want users to interact with via Engage should be interactive. You might want to make some spaces like kitchens or storage spaces interactive if they are important for your users to find out more about.  

For more information, refer to Set up the Space Types for Engage.

Step 2. Set up the Calendar

Engage can integrate bi-directionally with your organization's Corporate Calendar (as long as it's Exchange/Outlook, Office365, or Google Calendar). 

With this integration turned on:

  1. Your administrator can connect specific spaces (typically meeting rooms, conference rooms, huddle rooms, etc) in Engage to the matching resources in your Corporate Calendar
  2. Engage users can then see which rooms are free/busy based on their status in your Corporate Calendar
  3. When Engage users book these spaces in Engage, that booking is automatically synced back to your Corporate Calendar so that everyone can see that its book in Outlook or GCal. 

For more details, refer to Engage Calendar Integration and if you have questions, then see Engage Calendar Integration FAQ.

If you don't want to use a Calendar Integration, Engage can be still used to make space reservations, refer to Set up Space Reservations without Calendar Integration.

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