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Version 2.65 - March 2019 Release Notes

Major Enhancements and Fixes

Utilization Reports for Locator Elite

Locator Elite is powered by the Utilization Data Sources.

We have added new utilization reports that can be found in the Portfolio Manager > Reports module. For clients that have Locator Elite, the following two new reports can be run:

  • 336 Utilization - Building and Floor Summary Report

This report provides a summary of utilization for a building over a chosen data range. It shows key statistics for the whole data range; a chart of daily utilization over the data range; a Building Stack graph showing the Peak People and Remaining Workpoints; an Average Week graph showing the Peak People and the Total Workpoints.

  • 337 Utilization - Building and Floor Details Report

This report provides details of utilization for the selected locations. The summary tab shows peak utilization details for each building and floor over the whole data range.

Minor Enhancements and Fixes

Space Optimization

Enhancement – The 325 Chargeback Report has been redesigned and now includes the tabs for: Chargeback; Load Factor, Exceptions; Balance Check; Unallocated Spaces.

Enhancement – The Load Factor field was controlled by the Show Chargeback check box in Configuration to determine if the field would show or hide. Now the Load Factor field will always be visible. The Load Factor field is found on the Floor form.

Enhancement – Chargeback - Previously only certain space types would allow the changing of charge rules through the VBS or Space Mapping. For example, any spaces that fell under the 'Core' could not change their individual charge rules, but rather only push default charge rules to all the spaces under 'Core'. Now users have the ability to change the charge rules for individual spaces. 

Enhancement – New Forecasting Demand Import can be used to import forecasting data from external sources.

Fix – The charge rules for Building Common All and Floor Common All will be set as Building Common Internal and Floor Common Internal.

Fix – In Space Mapping the Information icon, now displays the parameter as $floorSelector.

Fix – A Flexi Team is created in the VBS and a workpoint is allocated to the Flexi Team. Then the workpoint is un-allocated from flexi in Workplace and the workpoint appears to be locked as being flexi. This has been corrected and the workpoint now reverts back to be a fixed workpoint.

Fix – In Profile Administration, you can add multiple administrators in the Manage Administrators tab and Manage Teams tab.

Fix – When the Workpoint Import was used to change the space type to a space type that does not allow occupants, the error message "Error saving change request" displayed. Now if a workpoint is allocated with a person and the Workpoint Import is run to change the space type to a space type that does not allow occupants e.g. escalator, the import will change the space type and remove the allocation.


Fix – In BOS the wildcard searching was removed and now the BOS Destination Location search will work with a full stop.

Dashboards & Reporting

Enhancement – The following enhancement was made to 327 Utilization - Building and Floor Details:

  • Improved the performance of the report.

Enhancement – The following enhancement was made to 329 Utilization - Space Type Details:

  • Formatted Space Type name to prevent an issue if a space type's name that began with '0'.

Enhancement – The following enhancement was made to 331 Utilization - Org Unit Details:

  • Improved the performance of the report.

Enhancement – The following enhancement was made to 332 Utilization - Org Unit Summary (Person's Org Unit):

  • Removed statistics based off team allocation (from left panel and all charts). The statistics removed are: allocated workpoints, assigned people, minimum unoccupied, and peak utilized.
  • Added the statistic (to the left panel) called Unique People.
  • Fixed the Daily Peaks Over Time (top chart) to sort based on time.
  • Fixed the Building Stack chart (lower left) to show if teams matching the org unit do not exist on a floor.

Enhancement – The following enhancement was made to 333 Utilization - Org Unit Details (Person's Org Unit):

  • Removed statistics based off team allocation such as allocated workpoints, assigned people, and occupancy ratio.
  • Improved the performance of the report.

Enhancement – The following enhancements was made to 34 Workstation Detail Report with Tags:

  • Remove pivot column limit of 8 columns.
  • Split the Cost Centre column into Org Unit column and Cost Centre column.
  • Renamed Desks column to Workpoints column.
  • Renamed Capacity column to Seats column.
  • Changed formatting of Area from #,##0.## to #,##0.00
  • Renamed ContainerID column to ID column.
  • Added order by Building.Name, floor.Sequence,,,, name
  • The Floor Name, Zone, Name (space) were updated to STRING format.

Enhancement – The following enhancement was made to 160 Access Profiles Report:

  • New column to show a person's role.

Enhancement – In Report Builder the NLA (Net Lettable Area) field has been changed to Leased Area field.

Enhancement – The Visual Block and Stack (VBS) tool tips have been updated.

Enhancement – Portfolio Dashboard displays a comma for all values longer than 3 integers.

Enhancement – Portfolio Dashboard's Teams panel has tool tips to explain what the color indicators mean.

Fix – 298 People Utilization On Floor Report's styling has been corrected.

Smart Environments

Fix – The Configuration > Setup > Serraview Live Configuration now displays Minimum Active Minutes and typo for Active was corrected.

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