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Eptura Knowledge Center

2023 April Serraview Product Release

April's release includes:

Eptura Knowledge Center URL Changed

We have a new URL for our knowledge center ...

The previous URLs will be automatically redirected at the page-level. We encourage you to update any bookmarks to the new URL.

My Workplace is Retiring

We are always striving to focus on the progression of our products to provide the best user experience possible, so it is time to say thank you and good-bye to the My Workplace module. Having successfully been replaced by our modern allocation validation tool, the Workplace Portal, My Workplace will be retired at the end of April 2023.

General Maintenance Release

Released April 22nd

  • Other Fixes and Improvements - General bug fixes to keep things running smoothly.

Serraview Menu displays the new Logo when Collapsed

Released April 1st

When you collapse the menu this will now display the new logo.


Serraview Emails to display the new Logo

Released April 1st

When an email notification is sent out from Serraview it will now display the new logo.