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Person shown at previous location but they are not there at the workpoint (MAC address passthrough)


Is the MAC address passthrough supported in their environment?

If the docking station has a MAC address passthrough then we can change the setting but it slows down scanning for every desk so only do it if they definitely use passthrough.


  1. Find out what is the docking station model number and laptop model.
  2. Search, via Google, in the technical specifications if the MAC address passthrough or pass through is functionality built-in the docking station.
  3. Find out if the laptop models it is compatible.
  4. Forward the information to the Serraview Technical Support group to check the settings to mitigate MAC Address passthrough.

Docking Stations Examples

Targus model Numbers ACP7703AUZ, ACP7702AUZ + DOCK180AUZ

Does not have Mac Address Passthrough functionality.

Dell TB16

It does support Pass Thru Mac Address but only for Dell laptops and Dell 5520 laptops is on the list.