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161 Manage Teams Report

This is an export of the Manage Admins grid and it is available in the Workplace Administration > Manage Admins tab's Quick Reports.

It shows a list of all teams in the portfolio, with the Workplace Administrators assigned to them.

Key Data

  • Team Details
    • Region
    • Building
    • Floor
    • Team
    • Org Unit Level 1
    • Org Unit Level 2
    • Org Unit Level 3
    • Cost Centre
    • Workpoints
    • Occupants
    • Unoccupied WPs
  • Validation Details
    • Last Confirmed
    • Last Confirmed By
  • Administrator Details
    • Hood Administrators
    • Administrator(s)
    • Employee Number
    • Administrator Type


Tips and Variations

  • Filter on: location, org unit, admin type, not admin type, minimum total workpoints, minimum unoccupied workpoints, teams never validated, teams with no administrators, confirmed since (start date), last confirmed before (end date).
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