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Utilization Reports List for Badge Swipe Data

This table below lists the utilization reports, their description and data source.


Report Name


Data Source


221 Badge Swipe Portfolio Utilization Report

This report provides a quick summary of a chosen day of Badge Swipe data. As a simple table, you can easily identify buildings that may have issues around capacity or non-residents utilizing the space.

Badge Swipe data


223 Badge Swipe Building Utilization Report

Displays every person who was seen on Badge Swipe data entering the chosen building(s) during the selected range. It displays how many total days the person was there during the date range, and includes a grid that indicates which days each person was present and absent.

Badge Swipe data


224 Badge Swipe Team Utilization Report

Reports on peak Badge Swipe utilization for each team that matches the building and Org Unit filters. Also, the report has a second tab that lists all teams' occupants, along with their assigned workstation and Badge Swipe card number.

Badge Swipe data


226 Badge Swipe Daily Entry Count Report

Displays the number of people seen in every building with Badge Swipe for each date in the selected date range.

Badge Swipe data


231 Badge Swipe Card Audit Report

This report lists the cards used in each building and summary of activity, assisting with any card audit processes.

Badge Swipe data


287 Badge Swipe Person CardNo Audit Report

This report lists all people and card number allocations and is useful when checking card ownership details.

Badge Swipe data


292 Badge Swipe Utilization Dashboard

Dashboard that displays the Badge Swipe utilization statistics of a building for a selected date range.

Badge Swipe data