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Eptura Knowledge Center

Set Daily Limits for a Building

Level: System Administrator

Your System Administrator can set the daily limits for your buildings:

  • Total reservations within a building

This is used to limit the total number of reservations for a building. For example, if your COVID-19 restrictions only allow your building to have 50% of your employees in the workplace, then you can set the total number of reservations for the building. Therefore, you will need to calculate the total number of reservations, so for a building with 250 employees you can only have 125 reservations per day.

  • Reservations made within a building per 15 minutes

This limits the number of users making a desk booking simultaneously. Engage can assist your employees with social distancing by preventing large volumes of staff from arriving at a similar time to use common access areas such as lifts. 

Step 1. Do you need to use the Daily Limits settings?

If you have a building with the majority of desks set up to be bookable, then you can use the daily limits for a building to adjust how many employees can make desk bookings quickly.

Step 2. Update the Building's settings

Complete the following:

  1. Navigate to Resources > Buildings & Floors.
  2. Click on the building. The building details displays.
  3. Click the Edit button. The Update Building dialog displays.
  4. In the Limit total reservations to field, enter the total number of reservations for a building.
  5. In the Allowed reservations per 15 minutes field, enter the number of reservations that can be made within a 15 minutes time block (based on the start time). If this field is set to 0 then this will disable this feature.
  6. Click the Update Building button.